Joseph Sin

Nemesis – Book One : Joseph Sin

Joseph Sin must save the galaxy from a future tyrant whose reign of terror will last a thousand years. He’s not ready for this – he has a hangover, has had a traumatic trip through time and space, is in an alien world, and is in denial.

The medieval, feudal world is challenged by the despotic greed of corporate pirates supported by future technology and military might. The world is being strip-mined, leaving a desolate wasteland of ruined countries, displaced species and refugees.

Joseph gets involved to save his kidnapped friend Susan Skull, though she has made it very clear they will never be more than just friends.

In this battle for the galaxy the despot can call on the resources of his galactic empire, his clone army, and the benefit of hindsight. Joseph has only the support of amateurs dabbling in time-travel: an alchemist and a race of primitive giants. And who knows whose side the suspect, mercenary, time travelling Academy is on.

Joseph’s journey takes him ever nearer to his destiny with the tyrant, close to new friends and allies, and way too close to supernatural horror that test his resolve and sense of self.

Caught in a loop in time, Joseph is forever condemned to repeat his future unless he can break the present.

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