Perihelion Summer, Greg Egan: #11 2020

Earth’s ecosystems and civilisations brought to collapse by an event in the solar system. A group of friends/colleagues are halfway prepared, and the story charts their adaptation to the disaster.
It seemed a bit YA to begin with.
A few scenes that seemed a bit like they were plugged in to to create tension or action chasing a particular goal.
Some good atmospheric scenes, especially toward the end.
The doomsday scenarios were very well thought through.
I liked the length of the book – I struggle with sci-fi that seems to feel (or publishers feel) it needs to be 400 hundred pages. This was long enough to build the scene, build the characters, leave you thinking.
Also liked how it kept exposition to a minimum, with respect to the reader, just using hints about what is going to happen next.
Would like to read more of this author.

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