The Time Keeper, Mitch Albon: #9 2020

Generally I don’t review books I’m not keen on. I usually stop reading, and move to another book.
This one (strangely for a book about time) I seemed to be getting through at such a rate, I felt I might as well continue. There must be something that would pull it all together.
There’s a lot of empty space. Short chapters leaving almost full empty pages. Section Breaks that require a title on recto page and then another blank page on following verso.
On second thoughts, they’re not really long enough to be chapters…numbered fragments maybe.
And the section breaks don’t mean much (not like Mr Wigg where it really made you stop and think).
The characters are thin, stereotypical.
Never really explained is the crime of the main protagonist. Why is it so evil, and who is inflicting the punishment. Him upstairs?
All in all, left me wishing I had not bothered. A few nice ideas stretched to breaking point.
It might have made a nice short story.

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