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Glen Thickett

My stories are sci-fi fantasy mash-ups, where the heroes and heroines must face into complex time-travel paradox, questions about their own identity and rip-roaring battles. Written for people who like a bit of mystery, speculation and humour with their action and adventure.

I have always loved speculative fiction for the open vistas and unusual problems the characters must face, whether it’s sci-fi, fantasy, or even some literary fiction. My favourite authors include J.G. Ballard for the investigation of his dystopian visions on his characters, and Frank Herbert, Tolkien, and Iain M Banks for their elaborate, thoughtful world-building and authentic characters.

I’ve travelled half-way round the world to settle in Sydney.

Joseph Sin

Joseph Sin must save his friend Susan Skull, and the galaxy, from a future tyrant whose reign of terror will last a thousand years. Joseph is not ready – he has a hangover, is recovering from a traumatic trip through time and space, is in an alien world, and in denial.

In this battle for the galaxy the despot can call on the resources of his galactic empire, his clone army, and the benefit of hindsight. Joseph has only the support of amateurs dabbling in time-travel: an alchemist and a race of primitive giants. And who knows whose side the suspect, mercenary, time travelling Academy is on.

Caught in a loop in time, Joseph is forever condemned to repeat his future unless he can break the present.

On Kindle: Joseph Sin: Book One of Nemesis

Susan Skull

She’s seen a lot of changes, and has been working with Joseph Sin in their “are they, aren’t they” way for quite a while. She’s the second book of Nemesis. She’s got a lot to do – save the galaxy and all of time, deal with her alternate self, and keep everything together – for everyone.

It’s hard to figure out the right thing to do when there is so much happening, and so much at stake.

On Kindle: Susan Skull: Book Two of Nemesis