Next Step: Copy Editing.

When you have read your ms many times it starts to become invisible. A keener pair of eyes than mine is now poring over the book to find missing apostrophes, split infinitives and other egregious errors. Once this is done the re-vamped, v2, Joseph Sin will be back at all good on-line book vendors.

Work in Progress: The Siege of Castallanatta

Word count 27457 – The siege is about to start! Everyone is unhappy and in a state of angst. There are not enough jokes!

Quote of the day (or until I next change it):
Beyond the panel a flickering image: a mesmerising vortex of vivid colours, shifting and changing, with pin-points and holes of deep black. Susan cannot find a word or a feeling she can use, no framework. She at once is drawn to and repelled by the scene. It is not, she is sure, a computer-generated image. ‘That’s real,’ she says, her words whispered.

I am taking you from one place to another. This is what I do. From place/time AA to place/time BB. Does that make sense?

No. Are you an angel?

No. A worm in a wormhole!